Building for the Future

hall-todayOver the past 25 years the Association has continually tried to improve the look of the club. Many minor renovations were made until the beginning of 1975 when the membership approved the borrowing of $5000 to drastically renovate the Bar & Grill Room. The membership itself handled the labor involved to panel the walls, drop the ceiling, remodel the back bar and have new flooring put in. In 1983 again with a couple club members doing the work the kitchen was completely remodeled. In 1985 a new roof was put on along with a new rug in the Grill Room and the bowling alleys awere totally remodeled. Also in this time period the Association has purchased new bar stools, new tables and chairs, new coolers, and a big screen TV and a new ice maker.

The Association has continued over the past 25 years to support worthwhile organizations within the community. The Association has contributed to various things such as many children’s activities, sporting teams and charity events such as the M.D.A. and police and fire companies functions, etc.

The club has also sponsored various sporting events for its members with cham­pionship teams coming in bowling and volleyball. The bowling alleys have produced exciting events for the club ranging from Carl Hody Sr.’s perfect 300 game in 1970 to Millie Mindala’s three championships in the ladies single’s event in the Tribune Tournament. Also included were team championships sponsored by the club, for the ladies in 76-78-83 and the men in 1982. The volleyball team was in existence for 5 years winning 3 championship trophies during that period.

The Ladies Auxiliary was disbanded from 1960 to 1979 only to be revived in 1980 much to the delight of the organization. The ladies have proved to be beneficial to club functions. They have taken over the operation of the Children’s Christmas Party, the kitchen duties at the club picnic and have held their own functions such as Penny Pie Socials and Sub Pizza Sales to raise money which they have shared with the club when buying the bar stools and doing the kitchen.

In the month of October 1984, a film crew from O.R.F., an Austrian based television network picked our organization to film a documentary on the reaction of the American people to the Reagan-Mondale Debate. Klaus Emme­rich the Washington D.C. based chief correspondent for O.R.F., brought his crew and filmed – our members watching the debates, then conducted inter­views getting various members reaction to the debate. Our club was picked because of our German-Austrian ties. The film was shown over Austrian National Television. Our members were proud and happy to share their views wilt. the people of Austria.

We look back with pride of our organizations many accomplishments; we also look forward to a future as bright as our past. The organization would like to thank its many members both past and present for their cooperation and dedication that has made us what we are today.

Our organization has thrived over the  years; even though the original mission of The German Austrian Hall has changed


We continue to honor our past while looking forward to the future. The Austrian Hall still actively supports organizations within the community; such as, local schools, churches police and fire companies, to name only a few. The club also sponsors various sporting teams; some have come and gone over the years; but we remain committed to serving and helping our members and our community. The Club continues to focus on building our membership as well as maintaining and improving the appearance of our dub. The German-Austrian Hall is a place where people can meet socially and work together as a whole for the benefit of bettering our community.

Our membership continues to roller-coaster for various reasons; economy, people moving out of the community and also a lack of getting young people involved in our dub. Our profits come from our membership and our bowling leagues which entitles us to donate to worthy causes. We are actively involved in supporting our local schools and their sports programs.

We continue to support our local fire companies and our policemen including the Johnstown Police Canine Fund which enables them to purchase new dogs. There are too many charitable organizations to name each one by name; but a few are as follows: Team sponsorship –Includes pool leagues, softball teams (active) and in  the club sponsors an annual golf tournament. – Other annual events include the Christmas Party for children of club members and a family picnic held at Loraine Park.

Women’s Help Center, YWCA, March of Dimes, Johnstown Concert Ballet, The Persian Gulf Veteran’s War Fund, the GBU Christmas Party and  special donations to the Roxbury Band shell to save it from demolition.

The Association has worked diligently to update and improve the German-Austrian Hall. Some of the major Improvements included repairs to the outside flagpole including a plaque to honor our veterans. A new security system was installed and three big screen televisions were purchased (making a total of seven televisions) for viewing many sports programs like the Pittsburgh Penguin Hockey games, the Stealers Football games, and of course the annual Army-Navy Football Game!

In 2000, six automatic pin setting machines were purchased for the bowling alley at a cost of $ 60,000. This by far has been the most important improvement. Over the past 25 years The German-Austrian Hall has continued a winning tradition in duck pin bowling with team championships sponsored by the dub. Many of the leagues have received first place and runner-up trophy awards at the Annual Zips Bowling Tournament for both the men and women’s’ teams. Originally, the club had leagues seven days a week but at the present time, there are leagues only five days a week and bowling is strictly duckpins. Currently the Austrian Hall bowling alleys are the only alleys operating in the city.

Our most recent renovations Included adding more parking for our members and a new heating and cooling system.

One of the challenges our club faces in the coming years is the decline of interest in duck pin bowling. it is a wonderful sport and too few people know it even exists.

The German-Austrian Music and Benefit Association was founded the same year the Washington Monument was dedicated and the Statue of liberty arrived in New York Harbor. It is the third oldest club in the city of Johnstown. Our club is a tribute to the hard work and dedication of all the past and present officers, staff and patrons of our club.